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Exotech Build in New Zealand
Using similar theory to that when forecasting the weather saying tommorrow will be the same as today will see you correct more than 50% of the time i'm repeating my last bid of 8688km.
"Where on Earth is Shane's Exotech Kit?"
The good news is that the ship on which it is travelling has now surfaced, 9523km from Mornington Crescent Tube Station! AFAICT (as far as I can tell) it has traveled 4000 km underwater, which is why it vanished from sight on 6 September in the Red Sea. (Remote possibility #10, which had completely escaped me)
And, toot, toot on the trumpets, the winner is Rob from New Plymouth NZ.
Congratulations Rob, keep these great guesses coming and you're in the running for a major prize
Beginning to feel like the results from some of the street sprints I have done, came first in class but the class had only one entrant
Greetings to all,
"Where on Earth is Shane's Exotech Kit?" today you may ask.
It's in a container on "One Cygnus", a large (like 14000TEU) container ship alongside the container terminal in Singapore. See pix below
After which it becomes tricky again. "One Cygnus" is off to China next. So, with luck, the container No TCNU7678546 Type 40HG will be unloaded then sent off to Wellington, New Zealand. ETA is mid October but I have no ship details.  
Wish me luck.
In the meantime I'm practicing gutting a Ford Fiesta Mk5 steering column ( which I had in my workshop, quite by chance) and removing the steering wheel airbag without killing myself. The three-sided nuts inside the pad bit were a challenge. So was unclipping the crashpad through the wee holes in the back.
I've finished the build table, mounted it on castors and invented brakes so it won't run away and hide under the bench. Wiring is the kit bit where builders are most on their own. I've ordered a not-quite-the real-thing Koso instrument cluster from AliExpress for $US34. The fuel gauge is going to be a struggle (only works for Honda and Suzuki motorbikes) but the speedo will be overcome by gluing magnets onto the intermediate shaft at the back of the gearbox. Little packets of generic electrical bits are rolling into the letterbox regularly now - glue-lined 3:1 heat shrink tube sections today, heat shrink-and-solder-all-in-one-action wire joiners Friday last and a rotary O/S/H light switch to graft into the steering column a week ago. And a big thanks to the good person who posted the Focus wiring diagram on mycarbuild. I've ordered a SPDT 12V 40A relay ($US2.68 incl base and postage) for the headlight main beam/dip function after glaring at the wiring diagram for days before finally cracking the code.
More to follow 

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