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Exotech Build in New Zealand
Advice to Rob and others interested in tyres and grip. I've posted the Durometer off today. We await with interest reports on the hardness of new S5 grade Dunlop semi-slick tyres. Just as an aside, I saw a Texas-registered LHD MG TD (early 50s) the other day near here It was running on Michelin X tyres of a certain age. The thumbnail test showed the tyres to actually be moulded from black concrete or some other non-elastomeric material. John, who had driven it a short distance reported it as "Frightening". Confirms my comment above - old rubbish tyres are hard - and have no grip.
More news from the build will come.
I've been fiddling about in the shed, despite my lack of reports.
So, here are a couple of pix of the finished exhaust system and muffler (or silencer - you choose - I know that for the UK, a muffler is a long scarf wrapped around the neck of a jarvie)). I do know that the mounting brackets are still to be painted and that the pipe connecting the manifold to the muffler is not yet wrapped in heat tape - you don't need to point it out to me, thank you kindly.
And a teaser for the future - the fuel-tank with mods to accommodate the ST170 fuel pump and level sender is at Mr Aluminium Fuel Tank's workshop as I write, awaiting mods. There's a fishing competition coming up, so there will be a delay - fishing boats also have aluminium fuel tanks and have priority. The tank will be pressure tested before return in order to keep LVVTA cheerful.
I've just collected the last two Peugeot 307 XSi ventilated brake discs available in NZ and next task (parallel with making dear little brass bushes for the ANZAC bonnet hinges) will be to see why they won't fit/how to make them fit/usual kit car blah blah on the front of my car.
"Usual kit car blah blah" see above.
I incorrectly copied the info about the front brake discs - bought Peugeot 307 Xsi - should be Peugeot 306 Xsi - I've got the wrong discs - 34.5mm o/a height instead of 27mm. They won't fit, even though all the other dimensions are the same- will swap.Will order Focus ST170 rear discs at the same time - on paper they should fit - huh!

"Learnin' is the makin' of many mistakes". Raymond Chandler
Here's a small success to make up for other small failures - see above.
I've now made a wonderful set of tiny brass top hat bushes for the Mark 1 (!) ANZAC hinges kindly sent to me by kiwicanfly aka Rob-the-terror-of the-roadside-landscape.
All held together with stainless button head cap screws as you can see.
I'm now able to proceed to mounting the fibreglass bonnet/leg cover, thence to the radiator.
More to follow
Big Grin
Forgot to mention you need a spacer between the two straights links.
(Yesterday, 05:40)Kiwicanfly Wrote: Forgot to mention you need a spacer between the two straights links.

Hopefully mine will be ready soon for test fitting  Cool
Rob, thanks. I'd already struggled to the conclusion about the spacer and made one top hat with a brim twice as thick as the rest. All my bushes are handmade one at a time so I was gradually assembling the first hinge as I made bushes.
I contemplated acetal, filled nylon or HDPE for the bush material but I had a brass bar in the corner of the workshop. Happy to start a debate about suitable bush material for brake and clutch pedals for those like me not using all-in-one proprietary pedal boxes.

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