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The Original Rocket
I had read a couple of times about the Rocket name actually being owned by Gordon Murray but never thought much about it. Then the other day I came across a YouTube video and delved a bit deeper.
Never knew this ..... but then I’d been told the story of how it “goes like a Rocket” and thus it’s how it got it’s name by two different people so to add another person who named it into the mix sounds about right .....

Good job it had not been driven by me 1st or it would now be called “like shit off a shovel “  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin  

Owner, Builder, Host of and builder of Riddler's Rocket.

Remember we build cars because we have no inter-personal skills.
Now gentlemen,
I have attached a picture of an early example of an Exo-type Rocket - dating back to 1950. It was clearly a work in progress because it lacked wheels - but it did go very, very quickly. There is no data that suggests it was road legal. It is clearly (so far) the earliest published example of an Exo-type vehicle specifically called a Rocket.

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